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Damaged Hospital Equipment Made My Brother Lost Life

My brother, who is a bread winner to our family. We are six siblings. Sylverstein is the firstborn. Most educated in our family. He has a Diploma in Food and Beverage Management. He has a job in one of the good international school within the great capital of Kenya. My sister and I have come to stay with him. We have great hopes that Silverstein will find Lilian a job. I need to join university. I qualified pretty well in my o-level course last year.

Silver has placed it clear that he is saving for me to join University of Nairobi. He has advised me to go for school of law. His lawyer friend is of great support — he wants me to join Parklands campus in particular. This makes me optimistic. Yea, I am! My elder brother has insisted that he can only marry the stay peacefully when once I join university. He is kind. Considerate. He is undertaking psycho-socioeconomically sacrifice. Everybody thinks he is crazy. No, he is not. I guess he knows the value of education.

At his age, 45, he has hypertension. It is a big worry. However, he is so lucky that his employer pays for his medical insurance premiums with one of the best insurance company. He is loved by his colleagues. Employees and family as well. Over the weekend, and off-duty days, he is able to work on private assignment relative to his professional job. He loves kitchen.

He suddenly falls sick. It is approximately 1930 hours, East Africa Time. My sister and I struggles to handle him. I rush to call his neighbour who comes fast. He calls a cab. All we can do is to rush him to hospital. Traffic favours us to navigate with ease. My neighbour knows very well that Silverstein has an insurance cover. He pays for the cab cost. He also pays for admission fee. He is admitted! I will stay in the hospital with him. The hospital seems full of patients. Our patient is now sharing a bed with another patient. I will sit on the side of the bed. I am waiting for the nurse for the next course of actions.

Nurses are moving up and down. Patients are helplessly yelling. One nurse has a name tag, ‘Jack’. I walk after him to ask him for attention. He wants to help. But he can not. It is already 2200 hours. Only brother’s temperature, sugar and Blood pressure have been recorded. Everything is above borderline. No treatment yet – pitty! His condition can me treated. I call Jack to ask if he can help. Jack seems honest. He says to the power went off. When it came back electrical medical equipment were damaged. It is disgusting.

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